February Freeze: Keeping Busy When It's Cold

With schools and many businesses closed again from round two of the February Freeze, much of Texoma hunkered down inside to avoid the chill. But, some brave hearts did venture out in the frigid air. NewsChannel 6 caught up with a few of them to see how they're dealing with the cold temperatures. While many were feeling a bit anxious, some did get a bit more adventurous.

Kent Ulrich told us, "I've had enough days off, so I'm ready to do some work."

Brad Beyer echoed the same sentiment. "Well, you know, kinda getting a little cabin fever, so even snow shoveling looked attractive to me."

Even some MSU students said they've had enough time out of the classroom. One even saying he's sick and tired of staying inside. Another said, "Right around the end of, maybe Saturday and all, we were like, we want to go back to school!"

Campus officials say too much time can wreak minor havoc. Dan Williams, the Chief of Police at MSU told NewsChannel 6, "We had some decide that they wanted to throw oranges out of their dorm room over into the pond across Midwestern Parkway."

WFISD students we spoke with are making the most of their time off. Aaron, William, Hayden and Michael say they're shoveling snow for money and don't want to go back to school Thursday. But Don Davis disagrees. He's a USPS mail carrier and says,  "I'm sick and tired of it. I'll be glad when February's over and we can go ahead and get into spring." Others agree, saying they are sick and tired of the cold. One MSU student even said, "This is like 20 degrees below tolerable."

Tim Barnosky, NewsChannel 6