February Freeze: Faith Mission Needs Your Help

The February Freeze still has a chilling grip on the air in Texoma. When the mercury sinks, most choose to head indoors for comfort. For some, that is a luxury – out of reach. Many of the Texoma homeless population turn to Faith Mission in Wichita Falls to fill that need.

For workers at the 'Mission like Marketing Director Becky Browning, being able to 'be there' brings warmth in itself. "It's very rewarding that we can be here and have our doors opened up thanks to community support," she said.

That community support has helped a lot in the last few weeks."Last week we were running very shy of quite a few very essential things breakfast foods, toilet paper, so we put a plea out to the community and now our shelves are overstocked with them," said Browning.

Community efforts like the Newschannel 6 coat drive have helped out tremendously, allowing Faith Mission to serve hundreds in during the February Freeze. Tuesday night alone, they served 183 meals and gave 98 people a warm place to sleep. Still, there is always a need says Browning. This week, it is gloves, Browning appeals to Texomans to help fill that need. "If they can help even with one pair of gloves because a lot of our men and women try to get out they don't have the gloves to help keep their hands warm in these really extreme temperatures," she said.

If you would like to help out, bring your gently used coats, blankets and gloves to the Newschannel 6 Studios, 3601 Seymour Hwy. We will make sure they get to those in need at Faith Mission.