Wichita Falls Police Department Bust A Working Meth Lab

Wichita Falls police department's organized crime unit is being credited for busting a working a meth lab.

Investigators from OCU enter the rear residence in the 200 block of North Beverly Drive, with the assistance of WFPD's SWAT team, at about 10:15 a.m. Inside, Officers found a working meth lab.

Before clearing the scene, the Officers had recovered 1,892 grams of liquid methamphetamine and 3.5 grams of powder meth. The agents also seized $802 in U.S. currency.

George Robert Weist, 40, is charged with Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance over 400 grams and Possession of Certain Chemicals with Intent to Manufacture a Controlled Substance.

Weist has been booked in to the Wichita County Jail.