Winter Vehicles Used to Clear Snow Stay in Use All Year Long

The February Freeze has dumped ice and snow, but now the flurries have melted and Texoma shouldn't be seeing any more for quite some time.  Just because neighborhoods and city streets are nearly thawed out that doesn't mean all the equipment used in plowing those roads are put away.

Those snow plows that you may have seen on the roads are used for a variety of city services.

"Four blades, total of seven ice chat trucks, three backhoe's, and five loaders," said Larry Krugle, Wichita Falls Street Superintendent.

There are different vehicles all used over the past two weeks for a variety of purposes, but with one goal in sight.

"It's just a matter of keeping the major routes for the city open," said Krugle.

Thee trucks went into overhaul with their daily, hourly use and they don't go away once the snow melts either, some are sent for repairs, others go back to their daily functions, like city snow plows that can be used for usual functions.

"It's actually used to shape shoulders, and to grade gravel roads."

So while they may be in a garage Thursday night, come Friday they'll be back in use but for another purpose.

TXDOT officials says some of their snow plow vehicles are currently getting serviced.