Arizona Vs. Federal Government, Immigration Law Heads to Court

The state of Arizona plans to counter-sue the federal government.

Gov. Jan Brewer's reason? The Fed's failure to enforce immigration laws.

Brewer said the federal government hasn't secured the states border with Mexico and stuck Arizona with the costs tied to illegal immigration.

The governor said she had no other choice but to approve the lawsuit.

"We did not want this fight," Gov. Brewer said. "We did not start this fight. But now that we are in it, Arizona will not rest until our border is secured and federal immigration laws are enforced. We will most likely have to pursue our claims all the way to the Supreme Court."

Brewer said the state will sue the government on five separate charges, including failure to enforce immigration laws enacted by congress.

A controversial state law was passed last year. Although a judge blocked the most controversial portions of the law, such as a requirement that says police, while enforcing other laws, must question people's immigration status if there's a reasonable suspicion they're in the U.S. illegally.