Family Saved by Dog Speaks Out

A family is speaking out about a canine hero. Gypsy the Rott/Pitt mix saved the lives of Jesse and Judy Odom by alerting them their house was on fire.

Flames broke out early Thursday morning at the family's two-story home in the 3800 Block of Hammon Rd. The Odoms had been having trouble with frozen pipes, so they set-up a space heater to thaw them out. Before 6 a.m. something went terribly wrong. Fire crews think the heater malfunctioned and set the house on fire.

The family was still asleep, and had no idea of the raging inferno in the kitchen. That's where 9-year-old Gypsy stepped in by alerting Jesse. "They had their door closed. I guess the smoke wasn't in there yet and she started scratching and scratching and scratching and he finally got up and opened the door and saw the fire. He was able to get my mom and they were able to get out safely," said Judy's son Dewey Wells.

Wells credits Gypsy with them getting out unharmed. "I don't think they could have done it without her," he said. After surviving the fire, friends and family members have stepped up to help them with essentials. Wells says it has helped them a lot.

An account has been set up to help the family. If you would like to join those who have already donated to the fund, go to any First Bank location. The account number is # 4019997.

The family is currently staying at a hotel provided by the American Red Cross. They are unsure what the next step will be. Right now, they just know they will be forever grateful to the four-legged friend. "She's always going to be a here… she's our hero anyway," said Wells.

Friday, amidst the backdrop of still-smoldering remains of the home, Gypsy received a special treat. Wells went to a local grocery store Friday. The manager had heard the story and donated a very large bone to her. Gypsy seemed to enjoy it.

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