Michael Godwin Continues Basketball Career As Head Coach

Michael Godwin had a tremendous basketball career at Midwestern State. He's the first Mustang and LSC player ever to win three conference titles. Even though he's not playing anymore, he's still part of the game.

Once a player, now a coach. Michael Godwin has started a new legacy as Notre Dame Head Boys Basketball Coach.

"It's a complete transition and new thing for me, but I enjoy it a lot," said Former MSU Mustang Michael Godwin. "Coaching, teaching kids, having really no control over because you can't get out there and play."

Coaching basketball has always been a lifetime dream for Godwin. After graduating from Midwestern State, he was ready to find a new career, but never expected his first job out of college would be as a high school basketball coach.

"Good friend of mine decided that he was going to move onto Temple Junior College and decided I would be a good fit," said Godwin. "He called me up and kind of talked me into it."

Even though Godwin brought plenty of potential to the Knights, he was more nervous than excited making the transition to the bench.

"Completely scared," said Godwin. "I've coached a few times just at basketball camps but that's not that much. Having this right away, right out of college, it's a little nerve racking."

Coach Godwin admits teaching instead of playing the game was harder than it looked. As a first year head coach,  he went through many challenges, but his players were always right by his side.

"He's discipline us well, helped us in our games, and made us a stronger basketball team overall," said Sophomore Forward Cobi Niedzwiecki.

"He brought a balance that we needed this year after losing the Senior class we had last year," said Junior Forward Tim Ahrens.Hhe brought a balance of players, how to move them around and interchange them so we get the best result on the floor."

This opportunity wasn't only for Michael, but also for the Knights. He's someone they always looked up two, ever since he took the floor as a Mustang.

"A lot of us went to the games last year, saw him play, thought I wanted to be like that kid when I grow up," said Niedzwiecki.

"We find a really good reason to respect him, listen to what he's saying especially because of all the experience he has," said Ahrens. "We feel like we can definitely trust him."

In Michael's first year at Notre Dame, the Knights went through some good times, but also hard times. Wins and loses were secondary for the season they experienced.

"I'm glad it was coach Godwin, he knows what he's doing and it looks like he can stay here a long time and be very successful," said Ahrens.

"Willing to learn, willing to take that step," said Godwin. "They're starting to believe in me and I know they're going to start liking it."

Coach Godwin is one game away from making the playoffs in just his first year. Notre Dame will take on district rival Wichita Christian for the final post-season spot.

Tip-off is Monday at 6:00 PM