Henrietta Residents Address Concerns With Leadership

Heated exchanges went down at Henrietta's city council meeting Monday evening.  A group of citizens want City Administrator Jeff Jenkins out and they feel they have a valid reason on why he should go.

In section two of their city ordinances it states the city administrator shall be appointed for an indefinite period, but last November his contract was extended for a definite three years.

The group believes his contract is invalid and he should resign.

City Mayor Tom Griffin believes their reasoning is ill-founded and the city attorney will have to look over the documents.  Those who spoke at the meeting represented both sides of Jeff Jenkins and his progress as city manager.

"We have another business getting ready to close down and head to Wichita Falls and we believe the city is going downhill and believe it's because of mismanagement on the part of the city administration," said Henrietta resident JD Evans.

"With the tools he has, the budget he has, he's doing an excellent job," said resident Alice McEntee.

During Jenkins contract extension at last November's meeting two council members voted against it and Mayor Griffin was the deciding factor.

Griffin says thanks in large part to Jenkins the city is in the best fiscal shape it has been in since the last eight years.

Another heated conversation involved Mayor Griffin.  Many citizens say he does not reside in Henrietta but in Wichita Falls and therefore he should resign from his position for violation.

At the meeting Griffin pointed out that he has resided in Henrietta since he was 17-years-old and continues to live there.  He also stated he will not run for re-election.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.