Wrong Way Driver Dies From Injuries

Officials say it could be weeks before toxicology results come in for the investigation of a wrong-way driver in a deadly head on collision on Seymour Highway.
Myron Robinson, 59, died 2:49 p.m. Friday. His body is being sent to Tarrant County for an autopsy. Officials say they will continue to investigate the cause of the accident, including looking into the possibility of Robinson being intoxicated during the time of the crash. Officials say Robinson has been convicted prior to the accident for DWI.
Police say a little after 9:15 PM Sunday night, teens Tessa Price and Andrew Johns were in a Ford pick-up truck traveling east bound on Seymour Highway when they were hit by a van driven by Myron Robinson that was traveling the wrong direction.
First Responders attempted to save the three lives involved. The teenage driver of the pickup, Johns and the driver of the van, 59 year old Robinson were pulled out alive. 16 year old City View teen Tessa Price died at the scene.
Those in the City View community set up an impromptu memorial, in Price's school cafeteria.
According to City View principal Raymond Weathersbee, the sign of love helps those to remember Tessa.

"She had a great smile and every time she came into this cafeteria, it was just pleasant to be around her," said Weathersbee. "She was a good girl, sweet girl."

Monday, many City View high school students and teachers learned one of their very own was lost in a horrific car accident.

"This was a shock to us when we came in," explained Weathersbee. 

Attempting to pick up the pieces, school officials brought in counselors and youth ministers to help grieving teens mourn the 16 year old girl. Students had the idea to write notes to Tessa and decorate a pink memorial with flowers.

"We give the students a chance to just write a note to Tessa and say whatever you want to tell her if you got to see her one more time. And we had several of the students just write what they thought," said the Principal.

For the Principal, the memorial is just the first step of the healing process.

"Some of these kids are really tore up and it's not going to heal very easily."

Tessa transferred to City View high school two years ago and she was set to graduate in 2012.

"This is the first time this school had somebody pass away," said Weathersbee, "It's going to be a group effort to get over this."

Students and teachers say she lit up the hallways of the school,  and as the notes suggest on the memorial suggest, Price was a joy to be around.

"We are just going to try to get through it the best we can," said the Principal.

Tessa was in the truck with her boyfriend, Andrew Johns, when the accident occurred. Johns was released from Parkland hospital this week.

Police suspect alcohol to be a factor in the crash. No one has been charged in the case.

Special accounts have been established for both Tessa's family and Andrew to help with the medical expenses they have incurred from the accident.

Both accounts are at PosTel Family Credit Union at 1300 Broad or 3410 McNiel Avenue. 

Andrew Johns Account #6539742

Tessa Price Account #6539750

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6