Texoma Congressional Representatives On Proposed Budget

Two congressional officials that represent Texoma spoke out today about President Barack Obama's 2012 $3.7-trillion proposed budget.

Republican U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry of District 13 said in a released statement:

Folks were pretty clear in November that they wanted the spending spree to stop.  It remains one of the top issues I hear about from my constituents every day.   Yet, the President's budget, once again, follows the same failed approach he's used since taking office: more spending, more taxes, and more borrowing.

We simply cannot continue with this level of spending.  It piles up more debt for our children to pay, and creates uncertainty for business that stunts job growth.

In contrast, later this week the new House majority will vote to cut $100 billion in discretionary spending over the next seven months.  And then we will offer a serious alternative to the President's budget that cuts more spending, reduces and reforms government, and puts us back on the path to prosperity.

We cannot correct all of the mistakes of the past at once, but we have to be serious about getting started.

Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn also released this statement:

President Obama's timid budget proposal represents a missed opportunity to lead. It increases the national debt by nearly $11 trillion, raises taxes, and ignores the recommendations of the President's own bipartisan debt commission. Republicans are ready to show we are serious about making these tough choices and getting the boot off the neck of American entrepreneurs and small businesses.