Abandoned Animal Sheds Light on Epidemic

Abandoned animals are becoming an epidemic in Wichita County.  The Humane Society reports that 45 percent of the animals they receive are abandoned.  On Tuesday the organization took in a five-year-old Pit Bull by the name of Jewels.  They tell us she is the perfect example of what can happen when an animal is left to survive on its own.  They want to bring awareness about this issue.

You can count almost every bone on her body.  She has been roaming the town for weeks with little to no food.

"She was severely emaciated.  She was scavenging for food eating the pig slop," said Manager at the Wichita County Humane Society, Cheryl Miller.

Jewels is 30 pounds underweight, tested positive for a light case of heartworms, and suffers from skin sores.

"Her being so thin that when she lays down her bones put pressure then make a sore, an open sore, and that's what she has right now," said Miller.

All of the problems this poor dog is facing could have been prevented if the person who dumped her would have second guessed that decision.

"There's rescue groups there's humane societies, there's the new Animal Service Center that just opened in Wichita Falls.  There is always another choice than dumping."

Dumping animals is illegal.  You can pay a hefty fine if caught doing so.  Cheryl says it's up to Jewels to decide her fate, but like any jewel it's a prized possession with a durable life span, a name that fits her well.

The Humane Society is asking those who can help cover treatment costs for Jewels to please donate.  There are several donation options, you can find that page here.

Cheryl says Jewels is in high spirits and is great around people.  We will continue to follow her progress.