Smart Phone App Helps Parents Catch Teens Speeding and Texting

A Tennessee man invented a new smart phone app after getting a ride home from his granddaughter. Paul Hart was worried after he witnessed first hand how fast she drove.

So he set about inventing an Android app called Safety Information and Protection System, or SIPS. Through it you can set a boundary as small as a city block or as big as an entire city to track your kids when they're out of eyesight.

If the child is speeding or out of bounds or texting and driving, the parent will get a Google map through a text message and it will show them where and when the infraction occurred.

Hart said the new SIPS technology will even alert your child to call home if you're looking for them.

In order for the SIPS app to work, it has to be downloaded to both the parent and the child's cell phone.

SIPS is only available on the Android app market. But in weeks, iPhone users will be able to purchase the tracking software.

For more information about the app, click here.

Eric Crosslin Newschannel 6