A Texoman Could Be America's Next Top Model

There's a chance someone from Texoma could be on Cycle 17 of the hit series America's Next Top Model.

We are hosting a casting call Saturday at Sikes Senter Mall.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers got an exclusive interview with the show's Casting Director and has some insight into what to do and not to do to get the edge on the competition.

America's Next Top Model sends girls all around the world. The lucky contestants get to meet famous photographers, top designers, fashion editors even celebrities.

So, it's no wonder each season, thousands of hopefuls audition for the show.

Now, Tyra Banks is looking to Texoma for the next top model.

"They just need to come be themselves because my staff and I watch these tapes and if we feel you've got something we're going to ask you to come out to a private audition with me and if you get a private audition with me, you're one step closer to Tyra Banks," casting director Michelle Mock-Falcon said.

Mock-Falcon has hand picked which contestants to show Tyra and executives since the show's beginning.

She said there's no need to go out and buy a flashy new outfit, the best way to get her attention is to go basic.

"I want them in skinny jeans and a tank top and heels and their hair pulled back in a ponytail. The cleaner the face the better it is for me to see it," Mock-Falcon said.

If anyone knows what's going to make you stand out in the crowd, it's definitely Mock-Falcon.

Our Lonestar girls might just have a slight edge.

"I'm from Texas so, I'm a little bias and are always looking for great people to come out of Texas. Represent where you come from," she said.

Mock-Falcon said you've only got one shot. So, it's important you are an open book.

"Some girls always say I've got "it" and they don't really know what "it" is. So, I want girls to tell me, 'I'm intellectual, I've always been the book worm,' or 'I'm the girl that always did everything right,' or 'I've always been rebellious and am trying to clean up my act.' those are things that are really descriptive to me other than saying 'I'm just goofy'," Mock-Falcon said.

If you're not sure if you've got "the look" consider last season's winner, Anne Ward, from Dallas. She was picked on her whole life.

"If you believe, you can make it because it's those girls who have no idea how beautiful they are. If you've seen our show, we're not looking at anything imp articular. If they've got it, I'll see it," she said.

The casting call is Saturday, February 19 from 9-4 at Sikes Senter Mall in Wichita Falls. To download eligibility requirements and an application click here.