Committee Appointed To Better Montague Co. Courthouse

Montague County Judge Tom Sappington appointed a committee to explore courthouse building needs and a possible annex building. In Monday's court session, Judge Sappington encouraged all the commissioners to look at the courthouse as a whole and consider its need right now, but that he will push for a dome and roof fund for the courthouse come budget time. The judge also said he was like to see plans begin for a courthouse annex that could be placed on the property north of the courthouse.

"I want us to build something we can add onto as needed and even if it is two to four years before it is built, we can have plans in place that would just need to be tweaked at a later date."

In the committee appointed by Judge Sappington, District Judge Roger Towery, District Attorney Jack McGaughey, Commissioner Jon Kernek, County Clerk Glenda Henson, and County Treasurer Jennifer Essary, members will visit other annex buildings in nearby counties to get ideas.