WFPD Looking For Man Accused of Evading Arrest

Wichita Falls P.D. responded to a call Wednesday evening, about a kidnapping. They are still looking for the suspect.

Police tell NewsChannel 6, when they arrived, the victim told police she had just broken up with the suspect. She said he came to her house and said he taking a 2004 Chevy Malibu that belonged to her mom. He apparently threatened her and said he would hurt her if she didn't go with him. He then forced her to take money from an ATM. She also told police he took her cell phone. The two then went to Welch and Juarez to make a drug transaction, when he began hitting her.

Police say she had a cut on her left ear, and a swollen left cheek. She was then able to get away from the suspect and get a ride home. Police are still looking for him.