Woman Arrested For Leaving Two Kids Alone At Motel

Wichita Falls police say 24-year-old Darla Gulley was arrested for leaving two children alone at a motel.

An operator at the front desk of the Motel 6 on Maurine St. called police yesterday, telling them an 8-year-old boy had approached the desk and said he was locked out of his motel room. When the operator went with the boy to open the room, another 2-year-old boy was inside the room by himself. The operator told police a woman (Gulley) from the room had left about an hour before for an appointment.

When officers confronted the Gulley, she told them she went to get food and was gone for only a few minutes. When officers told her she was gone for an hour, they say she changed her story. Police also discovered Gulley was the kids' guardian, and that their mother was incarcerated.

Police say Gulley was arrested for two counts of abandoning or endangering a juvenile.