Water Damage Not Seasonal, Homeowner Shows Us Example

The recent February Freeze not only damaged roads but homes.  Many homeowners are getting those claims underway but as one man tells us water damage can happen any time with or without severe weather.

It's a battle that's been brewing since October and if you didn't know it by talking to homeowner Larry Lawrence then a simple drive by his house will show you his problem.  In his front yard he has a few signs erected that display his anger.

"Farmers Insurance is refusing to pay the claim saying that I was not covered," said Lawrence.

In mid-October Larry left his home for a few days and when he came back, his home was flooded.  The devastations is $70,000 worth of damage caused by a water line failure.  

"Everything was covered, the floors, you couldn't see the floor it was red," said Lawrence.

"If the coverage is there and the company is not paying then he does need to dispute the claim and he could first start with the Insurance Company and if he has too he can contact the Texas Department of Insurance," said Rachel Pond, an Independent Agent with Pond Insurance.

She says devastations similar to Larry happen year round and there are some preventative measures you can take.

"If the policy is inexpensive or cheap you need to see what you're paying for," she said.

There is a difference between water damage coverage and foundation coverage, something that catches homeowners by surprise.

"Lets just say you have a water pipe burst underneath your home and it causes the foundation to crack and shift, well that's going to cause a lot of damage to your house so that's foundation coverage," said Pond.

If you don't have it then the company won't pay for it.

Larry is putting up a fight against his agency and says he won't back down anytime soon.

Newschannel 6 tried contacting his agent but were unable to reach the person.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.