Texoma Prepares For Top Model

If you've ever been interested in modeling, Saturday you might just have a chance to be America's Next Top Model.

Newschannel 6 is hosting a casting call for the show and hundreds are expected to turn out at Sikes Senter Mall for the event.

Lindsey Rogers is looking at all the preparations going into this big event and everything else you need to know to be on top.

"It's going to be great. It's going to be a good traffic driver here to Wichita Falls as well as Sikes Senter Mall and I think it's going to be a huge excitement for this town," Sikes Senter community coordinator Debra Williams said.

While mall employees prep for the increased crowds, contestants are prepping for their big audition.

This is your one chance to impress Tyra Banks, so casting director Michelle Mock-Falcon says to give it all you've got.

"I would say when you get up in front of the camera, you've got one shot. So, speak up and speak like you really want this and really mean it because it is a huge competition," she said.

As part of the audition, each girl will get to show Tyra their best runway walk on our catwalk.  Then, you'll have profile photographs taken and be asked several questions.

"I know when people are nervous they tend to be very timid and soft spoken and we take that as a sign of being in front of the camera. So, you've got your one shot, as soon as they say 'go' start telling Tyra everything you want her to know about you," Mock-Falcon said.

You may be asked what makes you stand out among the other girls, or why you would be a great model.

Michelle says the most important thing is don't try to be something that you're not.

"With reality TV these days, people think they need to portray a character. Just be yourself because I can tell. I've done this a long time and can tell who you are pretty quickly," she said.

To be eligible you must be 5'7 and between the ages of 18-27. The casting call will be February 19 from 9-4.

We'll be set up in front of JC Penny's so the best place to park is between Penny's and Sears.

If you still need to download an application or see eligibility requirements click here.

If you'd like to hear more from Michelle Mock-Falcon about what to wear and say to your audition click here.