Police: Not Sure How Sex Offender Moved By Daycare

Newschannel 6 continues to press for answers for a day care owner that says a registered sex offender moved in right by her home business. Sandy Cadena owns Sandy's Little Darlings. She worries for the safety of her children.

Our quest for answers began Thursday morning when we ask Wichita Falls Police for information on how this situation happened. Friday afternoon, we finally got an answer: They don't know, but are investigating to find out.

That is news that made Cadena happy. "I'm really happy the City decided 'Yes, we are going to get together and find out what took place, who dropped the ball.'" she said.

Still, Newschannel 6 has many questions for city officials about how this could have happened. City code says that sex offenders cannot live within 1000 feet of day cares. Miles Risley, City Attorney tells Newschannel 6 the city Information Systems Department gathers lists of day cares from the State licensing board. He says the WFPD uses that data to determine Child Safe Zones.

In 2007, Cadena had a similar problem, where a sex offender was allowed to move-in down the street from her day care. The City Attorney's office admitted to Newschannel 6 then that Sandy's Little Darlings somehow slipped through the cracks and was not on the list. Sandy says she was told she would be put on the list.

Newschannel 6 has been trying to track that list down. The WPFD Public Information Officer, Sgt. Joe Snyder, says his Department does not manage the list. City Attorney Risley says he does not have access to the list. A formal Freedom of Information Act request was submitted Friday, January 19, 2011 to try and learn more.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6