Troops Surprised in Texoma

Support for the members of the military shone brightly Friday as troops landed in Texoma for a fuel stop. While the uniformed men only expected to make a quick stop at the Wilbarger County Airport, they were given a hero's welcome by women, children, and men waving American flags.

Mary Hemry, of the Vernon Ladies Auxiliary group wore an American themed shirt as she made sure food was properly laid out.

"We are going to make sure that these boys know we care and we want to support them," she said.

Nelson Baker, a member of Vernon's Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4747 feels community support is necessary for the incoming troops.

"The troops coming here today have been home for a year from Iraq," he said. "And they are now getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan in 2 months."

In addition to Vernon's Veteran chapters, the Vernon Professional Fire Fighters Association was also at the airport, cooking burgers.

"All they eat is the MRE's, so we are here to give them a warm meal on their way home and where ever they are headed next," said Scott. "We figured it would be nice to do it for the troops, since they don't see their families. Just kind of a home environment for them to come to while they are here."

Everything for the troops was donated by the community. The gas for their aircraft came from Wilbarger County, the City of Vernon provided the cooker, and the food was donated by businesses. The show of support is important to veterans like Baker.

"We know what they are going through, what they have to go through," he said.

Wilie Chavis, another member of VFW Post 4747 echoes the sentiment.

"They stop here for refueling to where ever their destination is," explained Chavis, "To me as a Vietnam Veteran, we appreciate everything that they do."

For Mary Hemry, seeing the surprise on the faces of the men and women in the military is worth the time and effort.

"They are really surprised, because they don't expect nobody to be here when they come in," she said smiling. "I get emotional."

The next stop for the troops is a training base in Texas. This is the second stop the military made in Texoma this week.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6