UPDATE: Nocona Police Release A Sketch Of The Suspect

Nocona Police released a sketch of the man they say shot an on duty officer, with his own gun.

Nocona Police are on the lookout for shooter.  The incident began Saturday night and it was around 11:40 when the officer was shot.

Officials say it was on the corner of Airport Road and Highway 82 when Officer Josh Breeden
saw a suspicious young man talking with people inside a Ford Taurus, when the car drove off the man remained and the officer approached him, but he took off, leading to a chase.

"During the pursuit he caught up with him, they went to the ground, had a scuffle, the suspect took the officers gun and hit the officer in the head twice with the gun," said Nocona Police Chief Kent Holcomb.

The two began fighting viciously over the gun.  The suspect was able to grab hold of it and fired twice.  The second shot hit officer Breeden in the left foot.  Back-up arrived immediately after the incident and a DPS helicopter roamed the area to no avail.

Chief Holcomb says the suspect is a White Male between 5'10 and 6'0.  He is in his twenties with a bare haircut and acne scars on his cheek.  He was wearing a black tee-shirt and dark blue jeans.

If you have any information about the suspect you are asked to contact the Nocona Police Department at 940-825-3281.

Doctors at Nocona General Hospital treated Officer Breeden.  He is recovering at home and was placed on leave pending the investigation.  Breeden had only been with the force for eight months.