Providing Healthcare Service To Those Who've Served Our Country

Whether it's because of physical injuries or Alzheimer's or dementia, Texhoma Christian Care Center is serving those who have served our country.

The facility has had a contract with the Oklahoma City V.A. hospital for one year.  In that time, they've provided for more than a dozen eligible veterans across Texoma.

"There are families out there struggling to take care of loved one. I think there are veterans who don't know or understand he options he or she has for rehab or respite or hospice," admissions and marketing director Daniel Green said.

Many are eligible for rehab at the Windmill rehab unit, respite and hospice.

The Respite Program helps more than just the veteran.  Caregivers and family members also benefit from the service.

"To bring that loved one in, that person with dementia in for three weeks to give the caregiver the opportunity or have their own surgery or have time away. So, that person could recharge and continue to care for the veterans or loved one," Green said.

For more information about Texhoma Christian Care Center call 940-723-8420 or click here.