Boy, 12, Saves Great-Grandmother From Pitbulls

More information is coming in about the dogs officials say attacked a 67 year old woman Sunday morning.

Officials tell us nine puppies were taken from a rental home so they could be with their mom who is nursing them. They tell us the puppies were not taken as part of the quarantine.

There is currently a vicious dog investigation on three adult dogs.

A woman is recovering after being attacked by 3 dogs. However, she is thankful to her young great-grandson for saving her life.

Sunday morning, Karan Etier was trying to collect rent from a tenant at her property on Martha Lane in Wichita Falls. "They told me to come by about 9 o'clock yesterday morning to collect rent, so I was there

I just knocked on the outside because I couldn't go up the steps because I just had surgery on this leg," she said.

That's when things took a frightening turn. Karan's 12-year-old great-grandson, Anthony Brightman, was inside visiting. He opened the door, 3 dogs headed straight for Karan. "They almost knocked him down getting out the door and that's when they started biting on me," she said.

The attack was brutal. "They were everywhere, all over me. I couldn't get them off of me I was screaming at the top of my lungs," she said.

That's when young Anthony sprung into action. "He came out there and he got a stick and started hitting them and getting them off of me," said Karan. "I knew that she was in pain and I had to help her," said Brightman.

With the thought of his own safety tucked away in the back of his mind, young Anthony Brightman went after the attacking dogs. "I just had to get them off I just grabbed my friends baseball bat and started hitting them until they fell off," he said.

It is not clear why the dogs came after Karan. The animal's owner and Karan's tenant, Louis Walden says it is out of character for the dogs. "They are like big babies," said Walden. "I've never seen them be this way," he said.

Walden says one of the dogs had a litter of pups inside the house. He feels that maybe she felt Karan was a threat to them. "Maybe she was just trying to protect the house. That's why we got the dogs, we had several break-ins," he said.

Regardless of the reasons, Karan is just thankful for Anthony. "You saved my life yesterday," she tearfully told him. "He's my hero… if he hadn't have been there, they would have killed me," said Karan.

Karan suffered bites to her legs, arms and face. She was taken to the hospital by a family friend where she was treated with numerous stitches.

The animals, two Pit Bulls, a Pit / Boxer mix and a number of puppies were seized by Animal Control. Walden says he was told they were under quarantine, which is standard procedure.

The Wichita Falls Police Department says a case number was taken for Attack by Dog. Sgt. Joe Snyder, Public Information Officer, referred Newschannel 6 to Animal Control for more information. Numerous calls to and voicemail's to Animal Control and the Health Department were not returned as of late Monday.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6