Residents Upset About A City Park In Graham

A Newschannel 6 Facebook friend has reached out and is trying to raise awareness about a city park in Graham, she said is in bad shape. Lissa Newton said the Fireman's Park could be better shape than what it is now. She said when she took her three kids to the park on Saturday, she found broken beer bottles, fast food cups and cigarette butts everywhere. When Newschannel 6 contacted Graham's mayor about the mess, city officials took action.

"When I heard about it, I called Larry Fields, our city manager and asked him to go take a look. And he called me back and said, Barry, I'd be happy for anybody to come out here right now, it's just as clean as it could be," said mayor Barry White.

Mayor White explainers the city is responsible to clean up the trash, but residents should also do their part to chip in. Lissa and other members of the community plan to do just that and will be out cleaning up the city park Saturday, February 26th at 9 a.m.