Police Say Three Teens Arrested For Stealing

Wichita Falls Police say they arrested three teens for stealing over $1,000 worth of items in a woman's house.

Officers were called out to the 1600 block of Grandview East around 4:30 Sunday morning. They say the woman living there told them she woke up in the middle of the night to find a person crawling on the floor beside her bed. She told police the person then got up and ran out the back door with two other people.

She said a gun case was found on the back porch, and that a rifle, handgun and two handheld radios were missing, along with $1,000 worth of coins.

A witness contacted officers, saying they saw a juvenile with a gun. The witness then led police to a home where they say the juveniles fled. Police say the juveniles took them to a nearby field where some of the stolen items were found.

Officers say three suspects, two 16-year-old males and one 15-year-old male, were arrested.