Local Charter School Likely to Benefit from Education Cuts

Schools across the nation are bracing for state education cuts but Bright Ideas Charter School says they may actually benefit from the shortfall.

"Parents do not want their children in crowded big schools," said Bright Ideas Principal Lynda Plummer

She expects enrollment to grow because area schools will have lay-offs and their student- teacher ratio will grow, but not theirs.  They have recently expanded and she thinks fall enrollment could peak to their capacity of 220.

"We opened in this new place, we were across the street.  We can accommodate more students, we also opened a University Junior High."

Vice Principal and teacher, Shannah Anderson became interested in charter schools years ago while she was working at a public school in New Mexico.  Now, she is happy with her decision to move and embraces everything charter schools offer.

"Student to teacher ratio is very small, so we're able to cultivate relationships with each student," said Anderson.

Because their operating budget is already less than public schools they do more with what they have so even if the school does receive some cuts they don't expect it will make a significant impact in the classroom.

"We'll just have to roll with those changes and we're open to changes and we're embracing what the future may hold for us," said Anderson.

The Charter School offers duel enrollment for students wishing to pursue a college education.  Many of their students take classes at Vernon College and Midwestern State University.