Educators Across Texas Fear for the Worst

On Tuesday the Texas Education Agency, the department that oversees schools, announced layoffs within the department.

The fear of more major job cuts in education is being felt throughout the state, and we are beginning to see the impact the funding cuts will have on Texoma.

Schools here are bracing themselves for what will be one of the most drastic cuts to education these districts have faced.  WFISD says layoffs will be inevitable.  Concerns of the well being of school children and the future of education is one of the most passionate issues we're hearing about from you.

According to the Texas Classroom Teachers Association the only way to save this from happening is to get teachers and parents to speak out to their legislators.  Lonnie Hollingsworth with the TCTA says it's that kind of grass roots movement that will help fix the situation.

Estimates as high as 100,000 statewide teacher layoffs have been projected and fears of teachers lending their hand to a different profession are arising.

"We need people, good bright people, coming into the profession to be our teachers in the future and on the other hand we want to keep our experienced teachers because they are the ones that know the students," said Hollingsworth.

Beginning next school year the state will replace the existing TAKS test with the new, rigorous
STAAR test.  With fewer employees and cuts in education some wonder if implementing the new exam during our current financial stage is the right move to make.

"We're going to have to cut back on testing, have lower expectations, and we are going to have to step back," he said.

He went on to say that depending on the amounts of cuts educators see, it could take years, if not decades to recover.

We have heard from many of you regarding education cuts.  A few have even brought up the idea of eliminating sports programs.

On our Newschannel 6 Facebook page Kurtis Chandler says, "cut some of the sports programs in Texas.  I know Football and other sports rule and reign in Texas but I would rather see an athlete who can read and write rather than one who can just throw or catch a ball."

WFISD has not told us whether it will consider cutting finances to sports as it struggles to deal with the upcoming cuts in funding.

WFISD says new teachers who are on probation and educators who don't have a contract will most likely be the first to go.

If you would like to contact your lawmaker and let them know your concerns, click here to find out who you need to contact and how you can do it.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.