Olney ISD's Plan To Make Up Missed Weather Days

Superintendent Tom Bailey announced students will make up four missed weather days with the use of two built-in inclement weather days. Students will also have to attend class on Good Friday (April 22) and they will have two full-schedule days originally scheduled to be early-release days.

Members of the Olney ISD Board of Trustees approved changes to the 2010-2011 school calendar to be sure students attend the required number of days.

Superintendent Tom Bailey had said previously that a waiver might be available from the state that would "forgive" the missed days that could not be made up, but said that might not be the case for all school districts.

"The TEA wants us to make every effort to make up those days before we ask for a waiver," Bailey said. "They suggest days over spring break, Saturdays or some other time. We do encourage our kids to follow the rules and do the right thing, and I feel like we should do the same."