Man Drives To OK Before Realizing He'd Been Shot

Newschannel 6 is working to piece together conflicting stories about a shooting. Wichita Falls Police told us they were called to United Regional Hospital around 10:30 Thursday night. A man had been shot in the stomach.

Police said the victim, Billy Ray Harris, 36, told them he came out of the Blind Pig Saloon on Sheppard Access Road. When he left the bar, Police said Harris told them he saw a man by his car. Harris told police when he the man, the man shot him and then ran off.

Harris told officers he did not realize he was shot until he had driven more than 20 miles home, across the state line, to Devol, Oklahoma. Harris told officers he then drove to his mother's home, also in Devol. She drove him to United Regional.

Managers at the Blind Pig Saloon said the story does not add-up. They said the victim was not shot on their property. "The guy never once entered this bar. We don't even know who he is. I've never even heard of him. He was never in this bar and there was never no shooting outside, we'd of heard gun shots or everybody that was here would have heard gunshots," said bar manager Belinda Bartley.

Bartley said the first anyone at the Blind Pig knew of the shooting is when investigators showed up. "The Police are the ones that came inside the bar and said they checked the dumpster they checked all around outside and said there was no shooting what so ever," she said.

Bartley thinks the story is suspicious. "Maybe he got shot somewhere down the road and decided to pull over here, I don't know," she said. "There was no shooting here last night what so ever," said Bartley.

Bartley said violence is not something the establishment tolerates. "We never have any trouble down here. Maybe every now and then a bar room argument, but we stop it before it ever starts. There's never been no trouble what so ever never," she said.

Wichita Falls Police said the victim's wounds were so severe they required surgery. Officials at United Regional Hospital said that due to Harris being a gunshot victim, they cannot release information about his condition.

If you have any information about this shooting, you are ask to call Crime Stoppers. The number is 940-322-9888.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6