New Taxes For Some Residents In Montague County

New taxes could be coming to some residents in Montague County.
This morning Montague County Commissioners received a petition from the Bowie Memorial Hospital Trustees' to consider holding an election to create a Bowie Hospital District. Commissioners set the date for a hearing to accept the petition for April 1.

The hospital district would include Bowie ISD and Forestburg ISD. Property owners would pay 19 more cents per $100 in property value. A home valued at $100,000 would face new taxes of $190 generating around $1.3 million per year.
Administrator Kim Lee said the district would help cover costs. She said last year the hospital cut $1.2 million from its operational budget, so it is already running a tight operation. Hospitals are facing a federal mandate for an electronic medical record system costing around $1.2 million required by 2013, as well as reductions in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. Lee added BMH is looking at a cash shortfall of $900,000 this year.
BMH would like to have an election on June 1 and will host public hearings to discuss the proposal.