Public Hearing Scheduled In Creating A Bowie Hospital District

Bowie Memorial Hospital Trustees requested an election to create a Bowie Hospital District. The petition was considered by Montague County Commissioner's Court Monday morning.

Tim Winn, chairman of the BMH Board, said the petition, with the required 100 signatures, has been submitted to County Judge Tommie Sappington. If the registered voter names are deemed to be valid by County Voter Registrar Syd Nowell, the commissioners would call for an election.

Two weeks ago, the board voted to pursue the creation of a hospital district that would include the Bowie ISD and Forestburg ISD.

The proposed hospital district would have a tax rate of 19 cents per $100 in property value. This tax would generate around $1.3 million per year. Administrator Kim Lee said the district would help cover costs. She said last year the hospital cut $1.2 million from its operational budget, so it is already running a tight operation.

Commissioners agreed to have a special commissioners meeting Friday morning to schedule a public hearing. BMH would like to have an election on June 1st.