Burk ISD Targeting Millions in Cuts

Another Texoma school district is facing millions of dollars in budget cuts.  Earlier this evening Burkburnett ISD school board members met to hammer out the details to their budget constraints.

The district is looking at a projected 9 percent loss that amounts to $2.5 million.  Superintendent Danny Taylor and his staff have spent the last several weeks and months analyzing cost saving measures the school can take to meet their shortfall.

"Currently we've already targeted $2.6 million in reductions in the district.  That is through the hiring freeze and through attrition, that's right at $1 million dollars," said Taylor.

Another million will be from cutting contracted services, supplies, and travel budgets.  The rest will come from teachers taking a closer look at the temperature in their classroom.

"Pushing the thermostat up or down a few degrees.  You can realize significant savings."

The district also added an early retirement and resignation incentive of $1,000 to those wishing to leave early.  The deadline for the fall was in November and the deadline for the spring was Monday.  A total of 26 teachers turned in their slip.  Those open positions will either be filled internally or other employees will have double duties.

"Of course anytime you reduce staff there's going to be an impact.  We're doing our best not to eliminate programs in the school district, but that doesn't mean we won't have larger class sizes," said Taylor.

In grades 5th through 12th they're eyeing an increase in the student/teacher ratio from 25 to 30.  Superintendent Taylor says all the cuts they're taking are in hopes that it doesn't impact the students who walk the halls of Burkburnett ISD.

The district won't officially adopt their budget plan until the summer, so some of their numbers may change for better or worse.

The district is not looking at layoffs and there is a salary and hiring freeze in place.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.