Sexual Assault Suspect's Criminal Past

Newschannel 6 is digging into the criminal past of a man currently in jail, charged with Sexual Assault. Shareginald D. Williams, 29, has been charged with the crime, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Newschannel 6.

According to the document, a woman says he forced to her have unwanted sexual contact with her on the night of February 26, 2011. Investigators say Williams was in the Stripes gas station at 14th and Broad when the victim came in to pay for gas and cigarettes. The document says when the woman left the store to pump gas, Williams followed her out. She told detectives Williams was staring at her and then approached her. She says he offered to sell her drugs. When she declined the offer and left to leave, the affidavit says he got into the passenger seat of her pickup truck.

Once in the vehicle, investigators say he took her money and cell phone. The document says he told her she would get it back once she had done what he told her to.

The complaint alleges Williams made her drive him around town before stopping at an apartment on Avenue C. It is there she says Williams forced her to engage in several sexual acts against her will.

After the attack, she says Williams made her take him to an apartment on Avenue G where they waited for 30 minutes. She told Police he said they were waiting for his brother. After the half hour, she says he went upstairs and she was able to leave.

Investigators say they used surveillance video from the Stripes to build the case against Williams. The affidavit says the clerk was heard referring to him by his nickname "Reggie" before the attack began.

Newschannel 6 has uncovered court documents that show this is not the first time Williams has been accused of crimes against women at a gas station where he was known to the clerk.

In June of 2005, Williams was arrested after Police said he ran up to a woman at a 7-11 on Central Freeway and snatched a $10 Bill out of her hand. In that case, detectives were able to pin the crime on him because the clerk also knew him as Reggie.

Court documents show Williams pleaded guilty to a charge of Theft from a Person. He was sentenced to 88 days, time-served.

Court records also show Williams pleaded guilty to theft charges in 2000 and 2004, for both crimes he served jail time.

Court records from the previous charges list several different middle names for Williams. The current charge lists him as Shareginald Decarl Williams. Documents from the 2000 charge list him as Shareginald Demarcus Williams and in 2004 his middle name was listed as LaCarlos. Original records list his date of birth as 10-20-81 on the earlier charges and 10-22-81 on the current charge, as well as the newest document from one of the earlier charges.

Bond was set by Judge Mike Little at $500,000. The probable cause affidavit Judge Little signed off on is here:

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Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6