Third Suspect Arrested For House Break-In

Wichita Falls Police say a third person was arrested in connection to a home bust in resulting in weapon theft.

Police say 17-year-old Martin Rene Chavez has been charged with Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity, along with two other suspects, 17-year-old Adrian Nieto and 17-year-old Kevin Earl Haynes.

Officers say the robbery occurred February 3rd in the 4100 block of Blanton. A witness told police he saw three men kick in the back door of a home and go inside. The homeowner wasn't at the residence at the time the crime occurred. The victim told police four different types of guns were missing from the residence, valuing at $2,675. Witnesses directed police to the pavilion at Cunningham Elementary School where they found Chavez, Nieto, and Haynes. They also found four weapons with serial numbers matching those given by the owner.

Police also suspect Nieto and Chavez to have gang affiliations.