Texoma Volunteer Fire Department Without Running Water

You'd never know it but one Texoma fire department is in dire need of one essential supply.

The Lake Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department doesn't have running water.  As shocking as it may seam it's nothing new to those fire fighters.

In fact they've never had running water since the department began functioning back in the 80's, but Fire Chief Mike Hall says its something he wants to change.

It's a response heard by most Lake Arrowhead residents.

"I can't believe it.  I am absolutely appalled that they don't have running water," said resident Kurt Cessna.

He lives down the road from the fire department, he's never had to call on their services
and until now never really thought about it.

"They must get filthy dirty, they fight fires.  What do they do for sanitation purposes?" said Cessna.

"It's been an inconvenience at times, but as far as holding the department back, no," said Fire Chief Mike Hall.

In his six years as fire chief he's never seen a running toilet or running water.  The reason he says is because it's so expensive to put in a septic system and meter.  It runs a good $8,000 to $10,000, they simply don't have that kind of cash.

"Money that we have coming in every year, it's kind of hard justifying buying water," said Hall.

They get $2,500 a year from Clay County.  The rest comes from fundraiser's and events.

"If we could have running water up at the fire station which would mean lo and behold we would have restrooms, which right now we don't have, we might be able to have fundraiser's right there at the station," said Fire Department Secretary Shirley Visintainer.

The trucks are filled with water at the hydrant on the corner of the lot, but perhaps the most ironic of the situation is the building stands right next to a water tower.

Chief Hall says he is currently looking at getting money to provide running water and for a new building.

They are asking for any help they can get in raising funds for their need.  On March 31 they will have a boot drive on Archer City Highway and on April 16 a spaghetti supper at the association building.