Remembering Merle Anthony

Texoma is remembering a long-time teacher, civic activist and church member. Merle Anthony passed away Sunday. People are speaking out and sharing fond memories of a beloved member of the community.

Mrs. Anthony is best known for being a teacher in Wichita Falls. She taught from 1945-1949 at Crockett Elementary and from 1950-1982 at Wichita Falls High School. Those that had her as a teacher remember her well. "When she entered the classroom she had total command of the classroom. She started teaching and you could see the love, the passion she had and when you saw the passion she had you realized she never opened a book, she never used a note; it was all from the heart," said Dee Ann Martin.

Many of our Newschannel 6 facebook friends have spoken out about Mrs. Anthony. "My mom had to take a class from her to become a citizen of the US....she(my mom) was shy so she made me go with her. She was an awesome teacher. Probably the only time I ever made an A in history....I was in the 7th grade.....her class helped me with my class....I still remember her. We are from England, but took the steps to be citizens legally," wrote Joanne Fuller.

Balinda Cross writes "She was my humanities teacher at ole high in 77 when I was a senior. There was never a dull moment. She always had something interesting to tell you, but she was a no non- sense teacher. Come in class have your pen and paper ready because as soon as you sit down she started her lecture and you better take notes because at any time there could be a quiz. She was fair and cared for her student and I always thought of her off and on because she made an impact on my life. She will be missed. RIP"

Outside of work, she was known for involvement in church. She made an impact on many throughout the years, including Rev. Paul Goodrich "Over the years I have learned more from her than any teacher I had high school, college or seminary One of the things she taught me as a minister and a Christian was to never be ashamed or to never apologize for my Christian faith that has stuck with me now for my 35 years or plus of ministry," he said.

Mrs. Anthony was also deeply patriotic and quite a Civil War buff. Her love for our country was infectious. "I feel that Mrs. Anthony's legacy will be those that she taught trying to bring up their children and grandchildren with an appreciation for our country, patriotism, our flag and the freedoms that we have," said Martin. "I learned more from her, just from listening to her when she would refer to the Civil War than I ever did in any history class I ever took," said Goodrich.

The beloved teacher, activist, church member, patriot and friend was remembered by a packed house at Floral Heights United Methodist Church. She was laid to rest Thursday. Merle Anthony was 89 years old.

If you have a memory of Mrs. Anthony you would like to share, leave us a comment on our facebook page.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6