Scam Alert: Fly-By-Night Pavers

When you see more and more outdoor construction projects going on, you might want to be on the lookout for scammers.

"They will come into the area.  They will go door to door.  They will go to not only residential, but also businesses, offering to pave your parking lot, pave your driveway," said Monica Horton, the President of the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas.

She says they've recently gotten calls about fly-by-night pavers who claim to have a leftover load of asphalt from another job.  But don't expect them to stick to the low-ball prices they tell you about.

"We've heard from some elderly victims where they were really kind of bullied them into paying the higher price," she said.

Horton says this scam has been around the area before.  Just a few years ago scammers came to Larry Worthington's business with the same plot.

"They come back and they start spreading it out and then they want you to write them a check while they're working on it.  They want to bully you into paying.  a lot of people will pay it," he said.

Aside from the sudden jump in prices, you'll likely face a crumbling mess with grass growing through it six months later when the scammers have already left town.  In Bowie there's been one report of a company called Elite Asphalt, and they even have a truck with a BBB sticker, although they're not accredited.

"They're gonna do anything they can to try and gain your trust and get you to hire them," Horton said.

Because of issues with solicitation permits, these scammers will often look for victims outside the city limits.  But play it safe when you do look to hire someone.

"Just like with any other construction or anything like that, we want you to get at least three estimates," Horton said.

If you suspect a paver may be scamming you, you can of course call the BBB.  Other advice includes asking to see permits from anyone coming door to door, and getting any promised prices in writing.  Also, check to see if the company actually has a physical address.