Okla. House Passes Anti-Bullying Legislation

OKLAHOMA CTY (AP) - School students in Oklahoma would get additional protections from bullying at and away from school, under provisions of a bill that has passed the Oklahoma House.

House members voted 74-23 for the measure Tuesday and sent it to the Senate for action. The measure's author, Rep. Lee Denney of Cushing, says it was inspired by the May suicide of 11-year-old bullying victim Ty Fields at his family's home in Perkins.

Among other things, the bill cracks down on acts that can physically or emotionally harm a student, damage the student's property or interfere with the operation of the school. It also prohibits cyber bullying through e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging and other electronic communications.

The bill says schools must provide consequences and remedial action to those who commit acts of bullying.