Wichita Falls Farm & Ranch Expo Underway

Farmers and Ranchers in Texoma have a chance to get familiar with the products and techniques that could help them save money.  Wednesday was the first day of the Wichita Falls Farm and Ranch Expo.  Tractors, feedlots, and even decor -- this year's farm and ranch expo has it all and more.

"They've got pretty much everything you need here," said vendor Seth Haneman.

Show Manager Darren Dale says, like last year, many farmers come to the expo to find new ways to get the most bang for their buck.

"Farming is really aggressive with technology, the guidance systems, and maximizing your fertilizer costs, your acreage, and to get the best yield out," he said.

It's also a chance for ag workers to get continuing education credits, which they need in order to buy animal health products and pesticides.

"More info and projections on what things are doing, what things are going to do.  They take that into consideration for the way they're going to purchase chemicals," Dale said.

But unlike last year, business is booming in some markets, namely cattle, wheat, and corn.  Because production is at record lows, market prices are on the rise.  That also means fertilizer is more expensive, too.  At least one vendor boasts relief through efficiency.

"The application we use, ours is directly into the ground, instead of, a lot of them just lay it right on top, and this gets right to the seed," Haneman said.

Diesel prices sitting higher than $3.50 a gallon are another issue facing producers.  One farmer we spoke to says he already filled his tractors with diesel, before it gets any more expensive.

"Everyone I've talked to, though, they're still planning on going strong.  They're gonna have to deal with it 'cause they still gotta make their living," Haneman said.

Aside from buying and selling, Dale says the expo is a chance to further farmers' business.

"Like any industry, the more information you have, the better opportunity you have for success," he said.

The Farm and Ranch Expo will also be open to the public tomorrow from 9-4.