Fire Storm Roars Through Jack County

A massive fire storm raged through Jack County Friday afternoon. Smoke billowed as flames tore through the countryside. A number of homes are confirmed destroyed.

Crews worked from the ground and the air to battle the blaze. The Texas Forestry Service led the fight that involved task forces and strike teams from around the region.

Conditions were miserable for the crews. "Its hot and its dusty," said Greenwood VFD Chief John Burgoyne. He drove a brush truck from miles away to help fight the battle.

Burgoyne says the call to service is something he enjoys. "We love helping people," he said. His truck with 2 other Firefighters on board had already helped battle two other fires before it arrived at the staging are in Jack County.

The biggest concern for crews was homes in the path of the inferno. That threat drives Burgoyne and his crews to work even harder. "When you get to save someone's home, its worth it. On a fire like this you have many chances to do that," he said.

Many homes were seen standing, surrounded by charred land. They were saved just in time. Others, however were not spared from the flames.

Livestock were seeing running frantically from the smoke, that still poured into the sky as the sun set, casting a haze over the town of Jacksboro.

Newschannel 6 is still working to learn the extent of the damages caused by Friday's firestorm.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6