Two Women Accused Of Stealing From Harvest Drug

Two women are behind bars accused of stealing from Harvest Drug Store.

Employees told Wichita Falls police Dalila Orazco, 41 and Blanca Aguilar,44, were caught shoplifting on March 5th. Orazco and Aguilar had entered the store at the same time.

Police said Orazco appeared to be signaling to Aguilar when employees weren't paying attention. At that time, Aguilar would conceal items in her purse.

Employees said they saw the two females on their cell phones at the same time. Police believe that Orazco was talking to Aguilar while Orazco was acting as lookout.

The two women left the store at the same time, they were both confronted by police and detained.

Aguilar gave verbal consent to police search her purse. Jewelry positively ID as the store's was found in the middle zipper pocket. Surveillance video showed Aguilar concealing store property in her purse while Orazco was acting as lookout.

Police said the women stole $3,831 worth of items.

Orazco and Aguilar were both charged with Theft over $1,500 under $20,000. Orazco has two previous convictions for theft. Aguilar has six previous convictions.