Japanese Red Cross Seeking Help From The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross stands ready to assist the Japanese Red Cross to provide first aid and relief items to victims. Officials from Japanese Red Cross have indicated hey would be grateful for donations from the American Red Cross to support their earthquake and tsunami response.

In the first 24 hours, the Japanese Red Cross dispatched 62 response teams. These medical relief teams are already providing assistance in affected areas through mobile medical units, as well as assessing the damage and needs of the communities affected.

More than 300,000 people who were evacuated before the tsunami struck have been housed in temporary centers set up in schools and public buildings . The Red Cross has distributed 30,000 blankets so far. The Japanese Red Cross remains prepared to support those evacuated from the exclusion zone and continues to monitor the situation.

Executive Director of the North Texas American Red Cross, Katrina Farmer says"It's important to donate to the Red Cross either locally, nationally, or internationally because you never know when this type of disaster is going to happen."