Encourage An Absolutely Incredible Kid

This week, Camp Fire's Absolutely Incredible Kids Day celebrates 15 years of celebrating kids.

Through the annual letter-writing campaign, hundreds of Texoma children have received notes of love and encouragement from supportive adults in their lives.

But this year, North Texas' Camp Fire Council is taking it one step further.

Thursday is Absolutely Incredible Kids Day and on that day, you are challenged to send letters to 12 children letting them know how valued and appreciated they are.

You can send letters to a son or daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, neighbor, student…the list can go on and on. These special people deserve to know how valued and appreciated they really are, and absolutely incredible kid day is just the time to tell them.

"Obviously by making this challenge, we will be increasing the number of kids who receive letters," said executive director, Bettye Ricks. "But beyond that challenge are more and more children who will feel highly-regarded and admired. Through words of encouragement, we energize the child's drive for success in the future."

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day has touched more than 600 million people in the 15 years since its inception.

Its supporters include national figures such as President George W. Bush and President William J. Clinton, American hero, John Glenn; family authority, Sylvia Rimm, ph.d.; and sports heroes Jerry Rice and Jeff Gordon.

Visit the national absolutely incredible kid day web site to view letters written to America's youth by these individuals and more.

Camp Fire USA North Texas Council will celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day locally with city and county leaders making proclamations and asking citizens to write letters of encouragement to children.

"Camp Fire USA North Texas Council will team up with United Regional Healthcare System by presenting every new mother an Absolutely Incredible Kid Day gift of stationery and materials necessary to write an Absolutely Incredible Kid Day letter to their new baby born at the 8th Street campus on March 17" said Woody Gossom, chairman of the local Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.

Nationally, the goal of Absolutely Incredible Kid day is for every child to receive a letter. It can be left on a pillow, mailed, stuck in a lunch box, e-mailed, read over the phone or read in person. Camp Fire USA wants parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, neighbors, educators, mentors and all adults to participate.

Help Camp Fire USA celebrate America's children by writing a letter to the kids in your life. It's a simple gesture whose impact can last a lifetime.