Young County Moving Forward with Solar Panels

Young County is moving forward with plans to place solar panels on top of their jail and sheriff's office.

It's a big move for the county and one that will be paid for by a grant.  The panels will help save the county at least $15,000 a year.  With that reduction they're still not 100 percent convinced they want to take the next step.

A $900,000 grant awarded to Young County on behalf of the state energy conservation.  It's a lot of money with a lot of savings, but despite saving thousands of dollars the county will have to fork up 20 percent of their own money and they're not sure it's worth it.

"What is the pay-out term?  In other words how long will it take up to get our $180,000 back?" said Young County Judge, John Bullock.

Bullock says it can take a few years to even a decade to get their money back.

He says he is excited the county was picked to receive such a huge grant, one that would cover the rooftop of the jail and sheriff's office with solar panels.

"It would be a 25 percent reduction in our purchased electrical power," said Bullock.

The facility covers 14,000 square feet.  The panels will be placed accordingly.  While only one department is seeing the savings, its something all residents should be happy about.

"It's good for Young County in that it won't come directly out of tax payers coffers."

Meridian Solar has already come to take pictures and measurements of the facility and within the next 45 days their decision on accepting the grant will be made.

If everything follows through as planned, things will be in place by the end of the year.