Bowie City Councilors Concerned Over New Community Center

Two Bowie City Councilmen want to know who "dropped the ball" that resulted in a change order of nearly $69,000 at the new community center.

Tuesday, city councilors considered the change order to handle additional paving to comply with the Texas Department of Transportation regulations on the secondary entry which had to be moved from the original design.

The fire lanes also were six feet too narrow, and the sprinkler system bid by the subcontractor was insufficient for the fire code based on building use.

Architect Ken Dowdy with Bundy, Young, Sims & Potter, explained the different paving options to the council, that included three sections in the original design, and a fourth that paves an area between the center and rodeo arena.

This originally was going to be grass. Dowdy also pointed out the cost of the fourth section, if done after the overall project is completed.

The secondary entry had to be moved further south than the original design, requiring more asphalt to cover the additional length for access.

Cost of the change order with all four sections, plus the fire system is $68,986.75.

Estimated cost without the fourth section is $46,447.35.

City Manager James Cantwell said the change order was brought to the council since it would exceed the $50,000 contingency in the construction bid.

There is about $22,000 in that fund and Cantwell said he did not want to deplete it completely because there may be other things that come up before completion.