'Operation Powder Burn' Still Ongoing

A five month, multi-agency operation has netted dozens of major drug arrests in Wichita County.

More arrests were announced Friday by the Wichita County Sheriff's Office. That takes the number arrested to around 50

In a 2 p.m. press conference Wednesday, the Wichita County Sheriff's Office, Wichita Falls PD, Electra PD, the Department of Public Safety and the District Attorney's Drug Enforcement Division announced 34 plus unsealed indictments in 'Operation Powder Burn.'

Law Enforcement laid out the reasons for the operation "These types of operations are necessary to get the drug dealers off the street and improve the quality of life within our community to make this a better place to live and raise out children," said Wichita Falls Police Deputy Chief Manuel Borrego.

Law enforcement said the operation is still ongoing, but so far has landed 40 arrests and "all sorts of drugs" including Methamphetamine, rock cocaine and powder cocaine. Sheriff David Duke said the operation will continue until all the indicted suspected are caught. "We're going to keep going through the rest of the day and into the night and the next few days to capture these people as well as the other ones that are out there slinging dope," said Duke.

Indictments were unsealed as each suspect was processed Thursday. Most of the charges resulted from small amount purchases of cocaine.

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The mass-influx of inmates has pushed the Wichita County Jail population up. "Right now we would consider ourselves full, we are not overflowing like we have seen in the past... But we are full at this point," said Duke.

Duke said Thursday he was in the lobby of the courthouse and an associate of several of the indicted confronted him about the sweeping action. The man felt those selling drugs were just trying to make a living. Duke rebukes that claim. "We've had people say it's a victimless crime... Well that's not true. You're victimizing the person buying that drug, or with that drug problems who are putting in their own bodies and it is killing their bodies," he said.

Thursday night the operation had been scaled-back but was still under way. "We have deputies following up some leads... I know there are police officers following up leads," Duke said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6