"Coffee With Mac": Congressman On Libya

District 13 U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry visited the Wichita Falls area on Wednesday and spoke with his constituents. The Congressman fielded questions from people in his "Coffee With Mac" tour.
Congressman Thornberry took questions on everything from the Health Care Law to the President's proposed budget. The one subject he spoke at length on and took the most questions on in Iowa Park this morning was on Libya.
On Monday, the Congressman released a statement to Newschannel 6. In that statement he indicated that while he supported the troops operating in Libya, he was concerned that President Barack Obama did not consult with Congress before committing U.S. troops in a combat operation.
Wednesday he reiterated that same statement.
Congressman Thornberry said, " I think the President has got to be clear exactly what the objectives are, and how long we're gonna be there because it's not at all clear, in my opinion, and if this is going to go for more than a few days then it is I think under the Constitution, he has the responsibility to come to Congress and get authority to continue the operation."
Congressman Thornberry also said he feels there are other areas in the world that we might want to pay more attention to than Libya.
"I don't think Libya is the most important thing going on right now in the world," said Congressman Thornberry. "Bahrain is more important. Yemen is more important. What happens with Egypt is more important. I'm not at all sure who these "rebels" are and if they succeeded at overthrowing Gadhafi then what are we left with? I don't know the answer to that."
Despite the fact that Congressman Thornberry does not agree with how the situation was handled or if it was the right thing to do, he does feel the troops need our support.
"Now that we've got people in planes and ships there, they ought to be backed up 100% in doing what the Commander in Chief has asked them to do," said Congressman Thornberry.
Now that President Obama is back in the United States and Congress reconvenes next, Congressman Thornberry is expecting the President to update not only America on the mission in Libya but also update Congress.
"Coffee With Mac" will continue Thursday with visits to Henrietta, Burkburnett and Nocona.