UPDATE:Henrietta Man Killed in Crash Near Bellevue

A Henrietta man died in a three car crash on U.S. 287 near Bellevue Wednesday night.

Troopers believe the major accident began when an 18-wheeler lost its rear axle. The semi with an enclosed trailer load of bananas, was on the northbound side of 287, lost control, eventually flipping over and coming to rest in the center median. This caused a huge dust cloud. The rear axle of the trailer continued across the median and came to rest in the southbound lanes of 287.

A Mountaineer enters the dust cloud, sees axle, hits brakes and pulls over on right shoulder. Troopers said at this time he sees a Dodge pick up stopped in the roadway with Kevin Karbiner standing outside. Karbiner tells the driver of the Mountaineer that his truck has been totaled. Karbiner's truck came to a rest partially on shoulder and in traffic lane.

Troopers said sometime later, a cattle truck is headed on the southbound lanes and hits the Dodge Pickup, Kevin Karbiner and Mountaineer, killing Karbiner. Karbiner's body has been sent to the Davis Funeral Home in Henrietta.

Those involved in the three other vehicles are said to be fine. Investigators are still looking into the full details of this collision.