Feral Hog Symposium

They are a big problem for farmers and ranchers. Most we have ever talked say they would like the species eliminated. We're talking feral hogs, and in Seymour Thursday there was a lot of talk about feral hogs.
That's where the Texas Agrilife Extension Service held "Feral Hogs:The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Farmers and ranchers have to deal with the animals. Topics ranged from how much you know about feral hogs, to how they can benefit instead of ruin your crops and harm your livestock.
Those in attendance also got to see some of the latest trapping devices. Some will let you know and even view pictures and videos of hogs that have made their way into your traps.
"We have used sailor technology, in addition with web interface to make it simple for trappers and more affected for trappers to improve their efficiency," said Noel Gouldin with Cell Gate Wireless Traps.