Despite Drizzle, Drought Drains Farmers

Despite the drizzle Texoma has seen in the last 24 hours, the drought is still making a big impact. Agricultural Producers and Ranchers are still dealing with the brunt of it.

Fred Dwyer has been working his land in Northern Wichita County for most of his life. The drought is nothing he hasn't seen before. "Its been tougher than a boot. We haven't had anything through here except two little old dusting snows, virtually this year. Our wheat didn't produce anywhere near the grazing it should have," said Dwyer.

The lack of a good wheat yield is frustrating to producers. Right now, the market is up. Had the yields also been, it would have been a profitable year. Now, Dwyer says "Its a kick in the rump… It would be an excellent wheat crop if we could get an average half, but its probably going to be anywhere between a quarter and a third," he said.

Still, with the market high – in part due to a global grain shortage – Dwyer thinks producers and ranchers will be able to escape devastation. "The only plus about the live stock is the market the price is the best I've ever seen it. Cotton is as high as I've ever seen it, and wheat is a good price, but what causes that is there's not much of it," said Dwyer.

Many ranchers and cattle raisers are in a tough spot. Water is disappearing from stock tanks fast. Some are drilling wells or trucking in water to keep animals from dying. Otherwise, they will be forced to sell early.

Again, with markets up, it won't mean an immediate loss. However, one extension agent told Newschannel 6 he worries what the price could be when the ranchers work to buy back in.

Tuesday's wet weather may not have an impact on the drought, but Dwyer says he's happy for the relief. "The other day it was dry and 90 degrees with a 40 mph wind. Well, that wind serves as a hair drier and man it turned this little old wheat. That wheat went into survival mode real quick. It sure got hurt," said Dwyer.

Still, to Dwyer, everything is in perspective. "We can think how bad we've always got it, and then you look around and look at them boys from Japan. I'd say they got it tough," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6